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Click for moreJun 28, 2011 - Tuesday status - LOCATED

730AM - The juvenile is not in the tree it was in last night. A look all around did not give any hints to where this bird may be.

I did see an adult going into the ledge or one level above. No other birds were spotted there, but without a camera we can't see into the ledge.

So, as we start Tuesday we appear to be missing a juvenile.

12:30PM: The MNR has come and re-aimed the camera, however there is not a juvenile on any ledge, so we definitely have a bird still MIA.

2:45 - went out for another look and saw Mom flying overhead. Waited a moment and saw her land beside a screeching juvenile on the roof very near the camera and nest ledge. NICE! Let's hope our juvie (let's say 'she') stays safe now but of course there's probably more action to come so keep an eye out.

3:30 - juvie is looking pretty mobile, making some jumps, short flights and walking along the roof.

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