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Click for moreJun 24, 2010 - Thursday Part Deux

This morning some kind of scuffle took place near the old nest ledge. Some time after, Pinto was noticed above the old nest ledge, stretched out, extending his foot and otherwise acting strangely. It was suspected he may have had a broken wing due to how he had it spread out.

After we observed him for a while and discussed possible rescue options, Pinto was visited by Mom and got his mojo going again. He eventually stretched out, bobbed his head a bit and then flew off without incident, so thankfully he's ok! In hindsight it seems like he might've been tired from the heat and just huddled down resting himself.

Here's a few brief video clips, I shot some photos I'll add later.

Video 1

Video 2

8PM - some photos added. The birds are all over the place, and seem to appreciate the old nest ledge location, where they've been hanging out more.

More Images: