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Jun 25, 2008 - Disturbance from above

1055AM - female napping, young left somewhat in the open, weather is warmer today

1111AM - alarm calls, female remains until 1115 when she briefly takes flight to deter would-be intruder

1210PM - one of the young ventures a few feet away from the pack, Mom reels the young rebel by grabbing it by the neck using her beak

1PM - female moves chicks into shaded corner, shade covering 3/4 of ledge at this time. Female then flies off to roof, returns with unprocessed prey

125PM - female feeds for 10 mins, does not remove remaining food after

315PM - female gone for 15 mins, checks young on her return, they are in total shad

4PM - another feeding

455PM - irritated falcons! - female out, male moves young deeper into corner of ledge. Both parents then flying in circles above south buildings, unclear what they were looking at but crows were reported in the area

6PM - an unusually large gull of some sort spotted flying awkwardly, east of building over school

830PM - both parents defend territory against 2 gulls

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