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May 13, 2010 - No idea on anything

I wish I had a more precise update but the reality is I don't know what's going on. Let me summarize all the things I don't know:

- We may, or may not have eggs on site (I believe we may)
- There may, or may not have been a hatch here (I haven't seen food deliveries so I suspect not)
- Milton has not been seen since Monday evening, and was last seen at Bloor/Islington
- The last observation of Milton involved a reference to him resembling a feather duster (ie. frazzled)
- Milton is in a molting phase which explains part of his appearance
- Jack is tending to both our nest and the Bloor/Islington nest, and on guard for intruders/Milton

A few weeks ago, based on what I knew at the time, I prepared a forecast of the nesting season. This was based on when I believed incubation had begun, and was guesswork at best.

I cannot visually confirm anything, but it does appear that my original estimate for a hatch has now passed. This may mean there are young up there, it may mean incubation started later than I thought, or, since I haven't visually confirmed the presense of any eggs, it could mean Jack and Mom are playing house with an empty nest.

This update couldn't be more ambiguous. Welcome to the world of blind nest monitoring, it's fun for the whole family! Until something changes this is all I know.