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Jun 24, 2011 - Friday update and query

The monitoring camera has again moved, and is now aimed straight down at a piece of metal flashing, so I can no longer see any ledges whatsoever on it. Unless someone goes up and fixes it, the camera serves absolutely zero purpose.

Fledge-watchers continue to invest time and effort, and decent amounts of flapping were reported yesterday, so perhaps this juvie is nearly ready to go.

As an aside, if I were to stop monitoring the falcons and reporting here, would anybody notice? Would it matter to anyone? Would anyone else take on the role?

It has been a frustrating season for a wide range of reasons, and I am currently debating how to go forward. I have and continue to wholeheartedly believe that an at-risk species and their survival is an important issue that we have a social responsibility to participate in, however a lack of support from those whose assistance is most needed has turned this project into an uphill battle. Where it was once a feasible undertaking when the appropriate supports were in place, without those my hands are tied and my eyes are blindfolded.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts, drop me a line here.

Either way, I will continue to do my best to report to our Ministry of Natural Resources, because that is the right thing to do.