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Jul 23, 2008 - Watch - Day 2

530AM - birds looking fiesty & hungry, a bit of heavy flapping & pecking at food remnants on the ledge. Winds 10km/h and rain en route, calling for tstorms and winds picking up to 20kms/h. We'll need towels today one way or another :) One adult seen taking position across from the young.
6AM - feeding
9AM - rain, Mom above napping
10AM - adult appears to be teasing young with food, one eventually ate, 2 not interested
1030AM - flapping picks up for a while
11AM - brief feeding, Spartacus doesn't eat
12PM - parents above and below, appear to be taunting young with flybys and position changes
3PM - no fledges as of yet but a few close calls earlier today from Mascota and Spartacus. CPF arrived on the scene 230PM. Rain is torrential now, activity on ledge hampered as a result.
-evening feeding observed, possibly ~830pm
9PM - young flopped down together left corner for the night

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