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Jul 12, 2008 - July 10th Banding Report

Finally, here is the banding report for GTA Private Residential 1.

The banding procedure was conducted with precision as planned, and well attended by building residents who gained new knowledge during the banding presentation thanks to Mark & Marion Nash. It was also nice to be able to share the event with web viewers, for the parts it was up for...

The three falcons to hatch were all male, and at banding day were 23/24/25 days of age. The recorded identification details are:

- Spartacus, 90 over X with yellow tape.
- Mascota, 92 over X, with red tape.
- Vega, 28 over Y with white tape.

On behalf of the building and also personally, a huge thanks to all the CPF folks, especially Mark and Marion Nash who've helped us learn through this process, and do our part to help ensure the ongoing recovery of Peregrines. Also great appreciation to Mark Heaton and the MNR team for all they do to protect our resources and especially our Peregrines. Lastly, thank you so much to the brave rock climbers, you did an amazing job and enabled the day to go smoothly and safely for the young falcons.

At the building itself credit is due to our amazing building management, staff, volunteers and all residents for being so supportive, taking an interest, and understanding the importance of protecting our new residents. Special thanks to our two young assistants who on short notice agreed to assist Mark Heaton with the banding process.

At this point now, knowing we have 3 males, we have 9 days before they're gearing up to fly. Falcon Watch is next, thanks in advance for the residents who've stepped up to help, and now let's hope for the success of our little trio of boys.

Apologies, in the excitement of the day I've forgotten too many people's names.

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