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Click for moreMay 29, 2009 - Bad News - Adult Male

UPDATE - With assistance from the MNR,SPCA and local Humane Society, we now know that our male (ID'd via band #) has been recovered but has a broken wing. He was taken to a clinic in Vineland for further assessment. From my limited knowledge of raptor rehabilitation this isn't great news in either the near or long term.

Our female is obviously put off by this given behaviour witnessed at the nest ledge today.

Some additional info has been received - in the late afternoon Wed May 27th some sort of alarm calling and stooping/dives were witnessed in the roof area or above the building.

530PM - alarm calls heard possibly due to a seagull. Huge prey fed to young for 10 mins.

700PM - another feeding takes place

In light of today's news, residents especially please keep eyes/ears out for any strange activity. There may be other adult falcons (male or female) in the neighbourhood, and we also need to continue monitoring the young to make sure they are being fed regularly. Mom is under more stress now that she's fully in charge, hopefully she manages to keep up with the responsibilities of parenting/protecting the young. Where possible, please avoid causing any additional stress to her, she's still trying to figure out where her mate is.

For those concerned about Tuesday's banding, be aware that there is now an increased risk involved with banding our young given there's only one parent on site. The MNR has advised that on banding day, if the female appears too stressed, the banding may be called off. This decision will be made by the MNR based on her reaction to the extraction team setting up. The MNR has many prior years of experience with our female.

Some photos added, all taken within a few minutes of each other this morning - female visibly concerned.

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