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Click for moreMay 7, 2010 - Our Man "Milton" - released at Rattlesnake Point!

Quick update with more details, video and photos to follow...

Today, I had an excellent outing with folks from the MNR. We went to the Owl Foundation in Vineland and retrieved 2 Peregrines, one being the male from our site, who I've arbitrarily decided to name Milton from now on :)

Both falcons were then released, one at Mount Nemo, and Milton at Rattlesnake Point. So after almost a year of rehabilitation, it's very nice to report that "Milton" is now back in the wild!!!

I'd like to sincerely thank Mark Heaton and the MNR for inviting me along, and also the team at the Owl Foundation for helping Milton recover and resume his life of adventure in the wild.

Now that Milton is in the wild, it's possible he may show up at our site again. Time will tell, but please keep an eye out for any conflicts on site.

Also, a quick congratulations to Jack, Angel, and the observers at the Bloor & Islington nest, I learned that today they had their first hatch!