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Jul 12, 2008 - Saturday the 12th

745AM - male adult arrives with small black bird – female appears and grabs prey and departs, followed shortly by the male
-all three boys sitting up nodding their heads in anticipation. Female returns with cleaned bird and when she lands on the ledge, one grabs the food from her mouth
-Mom begins feeding, interesting to note, one chick continues to darken in colour this morning
810AM - additional feeding observed.
1110AM - male adult feeds the young, two of the three more eager to eat but eventually all have their fill. Female comes in towards end of feeding, male instantly departs
1230PM - one adult observed heading southwest to a suspected foodsource hotspot, gulls and pigeons noted taking to the air, ~1km away.
430PM - feeding
645PM - disturbance in the area, not sure of the cause, alarm calls continue for ~1/2 hr
815PM - male arrives with dinner, female immediately swoops to ledge, snatches it, 3 mins later she's cleaned it and is feeding young. Spartacus let the other two eat first
825PM - adult seen flying due south
915PM - male seen feeding Vega a small bite, female also on ledge prepping for bedtime

Other behaviour noticed:
-young are getting food morsels left in the nest, Spartacus has started pecking at them more
-white being replaced by dark especially on Spartacus, Mascota second-most, Vega still a lot of white today
-more vocalization being heard
-father seen feeding young more frequently the past few days
-all looking outside the ledge more now, seem to know exactly where dinner gets prepared