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Click for moreMay 11, 2009 - 815AM - First hatch!

815AM - first hatch observed on live video! Mom then observed eating parts of the egg with the wet new arrival in front of her. It's a chilly 6C this morning.

Photos of the new arrival are challenging to take, but you can see a pink featherless little peregrine with closed eyes, less than 5 minutes old.

Afternoon update - Close review of afternoon photos shows what appears to be one of the eggs out away from the group, not sure if it will get brought back in with the others. Since 1st hatch the falcons have become much more sensitive to intrusions in the vicinity (not sure if there have even been any), alarm-calling, taking flight and leaving the nest unattended.

A quick greeting to the webcam viewers, it's amazing to have people watching from Canada (Toronto, Vancouver Island), the USA (Florida & South Carolina), Wales, Switzerland, South Africa and Germany!

Here's a recorded video of the female falcon feeding the new arrival:

More Images: