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Click for moreMay 9, 2010 - Sunday Update & Owl Photos

**6PM - a report was received that a scuffle was observed involving three falcons. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that was Jack, Milton and Mom. No additional details are known, so we'll see who's around tomorrow, hopefully all 3 are fine.

Around 730AM this morning Mom was spotted at the old nest ledge preening and otherwise looking pretty relaxed. By 815AM she left the ledge and I went out to see if she returned to the nest ledge.

Sure enough, she returned, some squawking was heard and then I saw a changing of the guard. Jack departed in the direction of Bloor/Islington and Mom took over at the nest.

A few new goodies were uploaded this morning:

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I also added a video of the other Peregrine "Nemo", a juvenile who was released at Mount Nemo. Click here to view, and be warned, it was a funny release!