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Click for moreJul 3, 2013 - Nearly ready!

Fred has sent me new pics and you can see, the white fluff is nearly gone, so first flights are going to happen soon...

Fledge watchers should start keeping an eye on things, and no doubt things will get exciting soon...

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Click for moreJun 25, 2013 - Getting darker and bigger!

Fred sent some great new shots, and as you can see the young are starting to get darker and they're growing quickly!

Estimates seem like perhaps July 3 when flapping may pick up a lot and first flights may be possible. The best way to judge is once they've lost all their white feathers. Before that happens it's still a bit early.
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Click for moreJun 17, 2013 - June 17 - 21 Days for the eldest

Frank sent some great photos as you can see, and the two young lads we have are definitely growing and interested in eating!

At this point, the third egg clearly won't be hatching, and our 2 youngsters are growing. The oldest of the two is 21 days old, which means we have another 13-17 days before a fledge is likely, if my calculations are accurate. This means that fledge watch will be around June 30th or July 1st that we'd start keeping a sharp eye on the young.

For residents interested in helping with fledge watch, please let the main office know by submitting your name, and scheduling and activities will be organized when fledge watch begins.

Thanks for the shots Fred!

Before I forget again, the Ministry of Natural Resources is aware of the status of our nest ledge, and if any of our young come to ground they will attempt to band them at that time. Otherwise, we have been informed that there will not be a traditional banding ceremony here as there was in different years.
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Click for moreJun 5, 2013 - June 5 - Two growing, one egg remains

Fred has been monitoring the nest ledge, and snapped these photos. It seems at the moment we definitely have two hatched, but one egg remains. It may not hatch at all, or we may get a surprise, but it does seem it may be a bit late...

Thanks for the shots Fred!
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Click for moreMay 27, 2013 - May 27 - First Hatch!!!

Thanks the keen eye of Marlene (thank you!), our first hatch was noticed early this afternoon! Based on this fact, first flight may be approximately July 1st when young are at an age of around 33+ days.

I've also attached a photo of a female American Kestrel I saw at the Bird Festival at Colonal Samuel Smith Park on the weekend.

More updates on the falcons will follow in the coming weeks.

I'd also like to take a moment to mention for any whose path may have crossed Frank Butson (aka "BigFrank"). Sadly, the birding community has lost a very valuable member. I had the good fortune of going birding with Frank a number of times, and each outing was amazing. Frank also worked countless hours over the years at the Bloor/Islington nest doing fledge watch, volunteered with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, and also helped me interpret the behaviours of our birds here over the years. Frank will be missed and left us at far too young an age, but let's hope he's now soaring with the birds he loved so much. More info here.
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Apr 21, 2013 - Apr 21 - First Egg spotted!

Thanks to Marlene for her diligent monitoring! Our female falcon was spotted fluffed up on the ledge earlier today, and we can now confirm that the first egg of the season has been spotted on the ledge!

We'll keep an eye on things this week and report details as we know more.

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