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Sep 5, 2013 - Released!

I was at the ready with my camera, and the bird was too fast to capture much of! The MNR came and took the bird to the roof, opened the bag, and our juvie departed instantly.

We watched him fly off until we couldn't see him any longer. He flew south, and there were no other falcons on site to harass him.

And so it was, a successful release!

Sep 4, 2013 - Exciting recovery news!

It's exciting to report that our youngster who was take to Toronto Wildlife has now recovered from a fractured clavicle and has done some flying in captivity to help recuperate, and is ready for release!

Thursday Sept 5 in the late afternoon, we expect that the MNR will be bringing our male back home to be released. He is as yet unnamed but has been banded as 'W over 71'.

More details tomorrow! :)
Aug 6, 2013 - Catching up since the weekend

Over the weekend we found a bird hopping around on the ground. He didn't look overly bad but there was definitely something wrong with one wing, and his failure to get airborne resulted in his capture.

Working with the MNR, I was advised to take the juvenile to Toronto Wildlife Centre in downsview, and so I did. I have been told by TWC that they won't likely contact me given how busy they are, however I have been assured by the MNR that if/when they find out more info I will be told.

I'll keep you posted, but as you know with injuries to bird wings, these things aren't simple.

Click for moreJul 23, 2013 - Fred gets a visitor!

Apparently, the young falcons like attention, and when it slows down they're willing to go looking for it. This beautiful guy paid Fred a visit on his balcony, and Fred got some great shots!

On site we still seem to have 2 young doing well and moving around the building. There has apparently been some disputes and perhaps an adult visitor that was unwelcome, but not a lot of details are available on that.

Otherwise, all seems well.
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Jul 10, 2013 - Wed July 10 - updated

We have had a single fledge as of 1pm and are not sure where it is at the moment. It was located on the canopy of a building entrance, it flew to the ground, capture was attempted but it took flight and held altitude until out of sight through some trees (flying east).

As of 1pm we do not know where this bird is. The second youngster is still on the ledge, and Mom is watching things closely.

2:30pm - Lex (our newly named falcon), has made it back near the nest ledge on the roof, so flight is apparently something the little guy knows about :)

Click for moreJul 8, 2013 - Busy morning - looking ready!

As you can see from the latest shots Fred took, the youngsters are looking very ready to fly. White fluff is pretty well gone, and the outstretched wings are looking eager!

Seems fledge may be very near to happening, stay tuned and hopefully first flights are confident and successful!

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