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Voice Activation

The software on this page is a great enhancement to everyday computing and especially flight simulation or other games. Using the profiles included below, you can simply tell the computer what to do and commands will automatically be sent to the application.

SHOOT Software - by Martin Traverso:    

ASIC.CA download: (with permission from Martin):

Official Site:

Required Software to work with Shoot:

Profile Downloads by Dexmeister:                 

LOMAC Profile - always listening version > LOCKON_11.ZIP  (does not require button pressing to talk) * recommended * 

LOMAC Profile - press button to talk version >LOCKON_10.ZIP   (this is the original  LOMAC profile outlined in the reference below) 

 FS2004 Profile > FS2004.ZIP

Hidden & Dangerous 2 >HD2.ZIP

Additional Profiles by PBS_DangerMouse:        

These profiles are more for Wingman control, and selecting of various pop-up options in LOMAC.         

LOMAC Profile for advanced commands (ie. wingman control etc)

LOMAC Profile for controlling pop-up menu commands