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Microsoft FSX released

Whether you're an aviation fan, a simulator fan, or a gamer, the release of FSX is worthy of note. FSX is the 10th version of Microsoft's most famous piece of entertainment software, and promises to keep a lot of people busy sight-seeing, or practicing their navigation, approaches, and landings.

Featuring over 24,000 airports, and extremely detailed terrain for most of the world, users can hop into one of the many stock planes and go flying anywhere in the world!
While FSX may be viewed as a game to many people, to others it can be a hobby, pilot training tool, or a benchmarking application to help get your PC running better.

Installation is simple, just pop the DVDs into the drive and wait while the 15 Gigs of data are transferred. This however, is where the configuration begins.

Hardware tweaking, graphic settings, disk defragmenting, RAM optimization, and disabling unnecessary Windows services are all par for the course if you want to get things operating smoothly.

What's particularly impressive about the Flight Simulator franchise is the outstanding community that exists for it. Developers from all over the world spend their free time developing free add-ons to share with the rest of the world. What comes in the FSX box is only the foundation of the simulator, and even now, just weeks following the release of the simulator, new downloads are being made available. New aircraft, new Google Earth flight planning plug-ins, new terrain textures and many other cool things will soon make your installation of FSX a far cry from the vanilla installation.

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