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Latest Projects

Over the past 12 months, a wide range of interesting web projects have been completed.

Upon completion of the design, clients are able to easily manage their content without needing to know anything about HTML or web design.

ASIC's ongoing goal is to build solutions that reduce the time and effort required by the client in managing their web content.

Below are some examples of ASIC's recent work.

Confidential & Secure Patient Tracking

To ensure the security of ASIC clients, not all entities, projects or details can be explained on this web site.

In 2009, for an ASIC client, an extensive 1-year project was completed. The implemented solution is a secure, distributed database architecture which facilitates the recording of patient information and ongoing logging of patient calls, visits and other activities.

In addition to the recording of patient information, the system allows detailed statistical analysis and reporting. This reporting enables the client to better understand what issues their patients are facing, the efforts involved with assisting these patients, and the outcomes of these efforts.

Secure Document Library

For an ASIC client, a secure document library has been built. End-users are members of various committees, and using their credentials are able to log into the library, where any documents they are authorized to see are available for viewing and download. The client now saves time and paper, posting past meeting minutes and documents for upcoming meetings, rather than sending via courier as done in the past.

In addition to secure document viewing, the client is able to login to the library (as Administrator), and easily upload file attachments, thus eliminating the need for any additional client software other than any web browser.

This solution is extremely useful for any scenario where confidential documents need to be made available to end-users, and can be used to manage files including Word documents, PDFs, imagery and ZIP files, to name a few. - Comprehensive Database-driven web site

The Ontario College of Pharmacists web site,, has been upgraded with a major revision. Combining powerful site content management features for internal use, with clear and sharp CSS-based styling and intuitive menu systems, the new site is user-friendly for both web browsers as well as Administrators at the College.

This new site has been available for public use since October 2007.

Together for Autism - Database & Web Site Design

Together for Autism gets a facelift and major productivity enhancements.

Together for Autism now has a brand new site that helps manage their annual campaigns.

AJAX was deployed to help retrieve registrant information, reduce data entry errors, and streamline internal office processes. This new site helps TFA manage their entire campaign, from online Registration and Ordering, through to invoicing and order fulfillment.

A new site area dedicated to a miraculous real estate development, "Home" in the Bloor West Village area of Toronto Ontario.

Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine

A range of applications and "microsites" based in classic ASP and integrated with existing JSP architecture

Classified ad system allows easy upload of ad content, external web linking, photos, and multiple tiers of advertising (ie. Gold, Silver, Bronze)

User photo gallery, allows image upload, automatic on-the-fly thumbnail generation, image resizing, and full gallery navigation.

Autism Society of Ontario

Web site for Autism related service providers and parents, provides a repository of Autism service providers, and eases the burden of Parents trying to find suitable services for their children.

Autism Ontario has a brand new look and site!