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What fun would technology be if everything we did were for business?

ASIC's passion for creating interesting solutions has led to the development of interesting things related to Flight Simulator and Aviation, PC Hardware tricks, Mobile gadgets & gizmos and more.

Here are a few external links you may find interesting.

Flight Simulator and Aviation-related:

Voice Activation Software

"Wingman, Cover Me!" - Have you ever played a flight simulator you can talk to? Use Voice-Activation in popular flight simulators including LOMAC (Lock-On: Modern Air Combat), Microsoft Flight Simulator and IL2 Sturmovik. Speak and be heard!

Virtual YYZ

A web hub for a virtual airline, features YYZ Approach Charts, real-time weather, and a full schedule of flights for use in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Weather Links (Aviation-related and Others):

Satellite Image - North America

Ontario Precipitation

Flight Conditions - Ontario

Flight Simulator and Combat Flight Simulator Add-ons at AVSIM.COM

Over the years, I've developed a number of interesting customizations for flight simulators. Most of them are hosted at AVSIM, a site I consider to be the leader in all things Flight Simulator. At AVSim you can find Photoreal aircraft "skins", custom weather generators, ILS code databases and more.

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